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Adam Kant

Huston, TX

"Mike is a fantastic Exercise Physologist. His knowledge is boundless and got me on the Olympic podium in no time! THANK YOU MR. MKE!!!"

Sara Jones

Los Angeles, CA

"Thanks to the Vo2max training I did with Mr. Weiss I won the Olympics AND the World Championship!"

Giorgio Di Centa

Bolzano, Italy

“Mike is GREAT with our Team.GRAZIE MICHELE!!!”

Google Inc.

Menlo Park, CA

"Mr. Weiss' talks have been instrumental for our company health and wellness program. Our employees are engaged and in better health because of him!  Thank you Alta HPS!"

Kaiser Permanente

Oakland, CA

"We are amazed at the knowledge that Mr. Weiss displays. He surpasses our best doctors by a long shot! Our employees are now in better shape than ever, including Jillian and Lisa! We didn't think it was possible! Thank you Mr. Weiss!"

Barak Obama

Washington D.C.

"Mr. Weiss keeps me and the White House staff in good shape, so we can kick the Republicans' butts as needed. Good job Mr. Weiss thank you for serving your Nation so well!"

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Our Successful Athletes

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