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Welcome to the Broken Arrow Skyrace. Alta HPS applauds you for challenging yourself along the high altitude technical trails of one of America’s premier mountain trail running endurance events.


In the past two decades trail running has experienced exponential growth in popularity which has initiated a greater awareness for its unique elements, promoted a surge in science-based research, and spawned coaching education programs specifically targeted to identify it as a sport separate and unique from other running disciplines.

Success in endurance sports, especially in trail running with all its variables (e.g., altitude, heat, natural obstacles, technical trail surfaces, etc.) is not a matter of chance. Contrary to the model of many online training platforms, a properly designed and executed training plan cannot be framed in a one size-fits-all format. Intimately associated with this is the awareness of the variability of how each athlete responds to the sport-specific elements (e.g., cardiometabolic efficiency, functional movement quality, heat tolerance, etc.) governing the quality of one’s performance. This is why performance testing exists – to uncover, identify, and evaluate the unique responses to the physiological variables (i.e., aerobic capacity, metabolic efficiency, and body composition) affecting athletic performance. An intelligently designed training program combined with athlete-specific performance testing metrics will generate a comprehensive tailor-made prescription empowering the athlete to strengthen, streamline, and accelerate the progress towards achieving one’s potential as an endurance athlete.

This was the inspiration behind launching Alta HPS. We are a science-based physiologic performance testing and endurance coaching business backed by experience and a well-rounded multidisciplinary knowledge base, specializing in trail running and ultramarathons.

While priming yourself for the challenging mountain trails of the Broken Arrow Skyrace or preparing for a 100 mile ultramarathon let the professionals at Alta HPS use their knowledge and experience to confidently guide you, whether with performance testing or data-driven training plans, or a combination of both to help you realize your potential.

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Please stop by our booth and see how Alta HPS can help you realize your potential.

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